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Overview of Centers and Institutes

Centers and Institutes within the College of Sciences

Center for Research and Training in the Sciences (CRTS)
The Center for Research and Training in Sciences was established to maximize resource sharing of extramural programs with similar or complimentary goals in scientific research and training. General charge of this Center is the responsibility of all institutional grants designed to strengthen the capacity of UTSA in the broad area of Life Sciences. Currently, there are six research/training programs included in CRTS: MBRS-SCORE, MBRS-RISE, MARC, RCMI, SNRP and Sloan Foundation Scholarship Program. CRTS is directed by Dr. Andrew Tsin, Professor of Biology. CRTS reports to the Dean of the College of Sciences and to the Vice President of Research.

South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID)
The South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases is a unique scientific center at UTSA, focused on the study of infectious microorganisms and the host immune response to these microorganisms. The STCEID was formed by a nucleus of UTSA researchers interested in infectious diseases, and operates off of indirect cost return associated with the STCEID funded research monies.
The South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases is committed to:
1. Conducting advanced research in the fields of bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, and immunology to increase our understanding of infectious diseases and facilitate treatment and prevention for the betterment of mankind
2. Training the next generation of infectious disease researchers for academic and industrial careers
3. Expanding the research effort at UTSA to facilitate its transition to a research intensive university
4. Enhancing the visibility of UTSA through outstanding research and outreach efforts within San Antonio and South Texas.

Neurosciences Institute
The UTSA Neurosciences Institute is the multidisciplinary research organization for the Neurosciences at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Our mission is to foster a collaborative community of scientists committed to studying the biological basis of human experience and behavior, and the origin and treatment of nervous system diseases. Areas of special emphasis include: Nervous system development; neuronal and network computation; sensory, motor and cognitive function; learning and memory, and the disease processes that impact them; implementing mathematical and computational tools in neurobiology; and mathematical theory of neurons and the nervous system.


San Antonio Therapeutics Institute (SACTI)
The mission of the San Antonio Therapeutics Institute, formerly the San Antonio Institute for Cellular & Molecular Primatology (SAICMP), facilitates research on aspects of cell and molecular biology in nonhuman primates, with particular emphases on research relating to primate embryology, stem cell biology, biogenesis research, regenerative medicine, and basic developmental biology..