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Dr. Yufeng Wang

Dr. Yufeng Wang

Associate Professor


Research Profile


Research Interests

Research in my laboratory focuses on the systems biology, comparative genomics, molecular evolution, and population genetics of infectious diseases.
The URL for my lab page is

Recent Publications

Cai H, Hong C,  Lilburn TG, Rodriguez AL, Chen S, Gu J, Kuang R, Wang Y (2013) A novel subnetwork alignment approach predicts new components of the cell cycle regulatory apparatus in Plasmodium falciparum. BMC Bioinformatics. 14(Suppl 12):S2.

Lilburn TG, Wang Y, Cai H, Hong C, Gu J (2013) Protein Families in Plasmodium Parasites - A Network Perspective. In “Comparative genomics in human neglected parasites”. Editors: Marchat LA and López-Camarillo C. 1-17.

Cai H, Hong C, Gu J, Lilburn TG, Kuang R, Wang Y (2012) Module-based Subnetwork Alignments Reveal Novel Transcriptional Regulators in Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum. BMC Systems Biology. 6(Suppl3):S5

Zhou Z, Gu J, Li YQ, Wang Y (2012) Genome plasticity and systems evolution in Streptomyces. BMC Bioinformatics. 13(Suppl 10):S8.

Cai H, Zhou Z, Gu J, Wang Y (2012) Comparative Genomics and Systems Biology of Malaria Parasites Plasmodium. Current Bioinformatics. 7 (4):478-489.

Lilburn TG, Cai H, Zhou Z, Wang Y (2011) Protease-associated Cellular Networks in Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum. BMC Genomics. 12(Suppl 5):S9.

Coyne RS, Hannick L, Shanmugam D, Hostetler JB, Brami D, Joardar VS, Johnson J, Radune D, Singh I, Kumar U, Saier M, Wang Y, Cai H, Gu J, Mather MW, Vaidya AB, Wilkes DE, Rajagopalan V, Asai DJ, Pearson CG, Findly RC, Dickerson HW, Badger JH, Wu M, Martens C, Van de Peer Y, Roos DS, Cassidy-Hanley DM, Clark TG. (2011) Comparative genomics of the pathogenic ciliate Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, its free-living relatives and a host species provide insights into adoption of a parasitic lifestyle and prospects for disease control. Genome Biology. 12:R100

Cai H, Kuang R, Gu J, Wang Y (2011) Proteases in Malaria Parasites - a Phylogenomic Perspective. Current Genomics. 12(6) 417-427.

Zhou Z, Gu J, Li Y, Li YQ, Wang Y (2011) The -omics Era- Toward a Systems-Level Understanding of Streptomyces. Current Genomics. 12(6) 404-416.

Lilburn TG, Gu J, Cai H, Wang Y (2010) Comparative genomics of the family Vibrionaceae reveals the wide distribution of genes encoding virulence-associated proteins. BMC Genomics. 11:369.

Cai H, Gu J, Wang Y (2010). Core Genome Components and Lineage Specific Expansions in Malaria Parasites Plasmodium. BMC Genomics. 11(Suppl 3):S13.

RoyChoudhury D, Small C, Wang Y, Mueller P, Rebel V, Griswold MD, McCarrey JR (2010) Microarray-Based Analysis of Cell Cycle Gene Expression During Spermatogenesis in the Mouse. Biology of Reproduction. 83(4):663-75. Epub 2010 Jul 14.