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Dr. James Chambers

Dr. James Chambers



Research Profile


Research Interests

Regulation of intracellular free calcium and its maintenance at extremely low concentrations (submicromolar) is one of the main tasks of cells. Transient calcium fluxes induce the activation of calcium-dependent second messenger systems. Thus, extrusion of excess calcium is critical to the well-being of the cell. Bulk amounts of calcium are removed from the cell cytosol by a Na+/Ca2+ exchanger. In contrast, removal of threshold amounts of free calcium is dependent upon a low capacity, high affinity plasma membrane calcium pump that couples Ca2+ translocation with ATP hydrolysis. We are interested in the characterization of calcium binding proteins in the cell and in particular the kinetic analysis of the [Ca2+ + MG 2+] - dependent adenosine-triphosphatase.

Recent Publications

Jupelli, M., Selby, D.M., Guentzel, M.N., Chambers, J.P., Forsthuber, T.G., Zhong, G., Murthy, A.K. and Arulanandam, B.P.  “The Contribution of Il-12/IFN-γ Axis in Protection Against Neonatal Pulmonary Chlamydia muridarum Challenge”.  Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research, 30(6): 407-415, 2010.

Yu, J.J., Goluguri, T.R., Guentzel, M.N., Forsthuber, T.G., Chambers, J.P., Murthy, A.K., Klose, K.E., and Arulanandam B.P.  “Francisella tularensis T Cell Antigen Identification Using Humanized HLA-DR4 Transgenic Mice”.  Clinical & Vaccine Immunology, 17: 215-222, 2010.

Chaganty, B.K.R., Murthy, A.K., Evani, S.J., Li., W., Guentzel, M.N., Chambers, J.P., Zhong, G., Arulanandam, B.P.  “Heat Denatured Enzymatically Inactive Recombinant Chlamydial Protease-like Activity Factor Induces Robust Protective Immunity Against Genital Chlamydial Challenge”.  Vaccine, 28: 2323-2329, 2010.

Li, W., Murthy, A.K., Guentzel, M.N., Chambers, J.P., Forsthuber, T.G., Seshu, J., Zhong, G., Arulanandam, B.P.  “Immunization with a Combination of integral Chlamydial Antigens and a Defined Secreted Protein Induces Robust Immunity Against Genital Chlamydial Challenge”.  Infection and Immunity, 78: 3942-3949, 2010. 

Valdes, J.J., Ellington, A., Bentley, W.E., Thompson, R.G., and Chambers, J.P.  “Abiotic sensing”.  In: Bio-Inspired Innovation and National Security. (Robert E. Armstrong, Mark D. Drapeau, Cheryl A. Loeb and James J. Valdes, Eds.)  National Defense University Press, Washington, D.C., 2010. 

Valdes, J.J. and Chambers, J.P.  “Enhanced Human Performance and Metabolic Engineering”.  In: Bio-Inspired Innovation and National Security.  (Robert E. Armstrong, Mark D. Drapeau, Cheryl A. Loeb and James J. Valdes, Eds.)  National Defense University Press, Washington, D.C., 2010.  

Nallaparaju, K., Yu, J.-J., Rodriguez, S.A., Zogaj, X., Manam, S., Guentzel, M.N., Seshu, J., Murthy, A.K., Chambers, J.P., Klose K.E., Arulanandam, B.P.  “Evasion of IFN- Signaling by Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida is Dependent upon Francisella Outer Membrane Protein C”. Plos ONE.  vol 6 (3): e18201, 2011.

Thathiah, P., Sanapala, S., Rodriguez, A.R., Yu, J-J., Murthy, A. K., Guentzel, M.N., Forsthuber, T.G., Chambers, J.P., and Arulanandam, B.  “Non Fc <epsilon> R-bearing Mast Cells Secrete Sufficient Interleukin-4 to Control Francisella tularensis Replication Within Macrophages.  Cytokine, 55:211-220, 2011.

King, M.D., Guentzel, M.N., Arulanandam, B.P., Bodour, A.A., Brahmakshatriya, V., Lupiani, B. and Chambers, J.P. “Effects of Bacterial Secretions of the Lower Digestive Tract of Free-Range Waterfowl on Influenza Virus Activation”.  J. Appl. Env. Micro. 77:4119-4125, 2011.

Rodriguez, A.R., Yu, J.J., Murthy, A.K., Guentzel, M.N.,  Klose, K.E., Forsthuber, T.G., Chambers, J.P., Berton, M.T., Arulanandam, B.P. 2011.  Mast cell IL-4 control of Francisella tularensis replication and host cell death is associated with increased ATP production and phagosomal acidification.  Mucosal Immunology.  4:217-226, 2011.

Murthy, A.K., Chaganty, B.K., Troutman, T., Guentzel, N.M., Yu, J.J., Ali, S.K., Lauriano, C.M., Chambers, J.P., Klose, K.E., Arulanandam, B.P.  “Mannose-containing Oligosaccharides of Non-Specific Human Secretory Immunoglobulin a Mediate Inhibition of Vibrio cholera Biofilm Formation.  Plos ONE 6(2):e16847, 2011. 

Chambers, J.P., Yu, J-J., Madhulika, J., Weintraub, S.T., Lopez-Ribot, J.L., Valdes, J.J., and Arulanandam, B.P.   “Alpha-1-Antitrypsin in respiratory Fluid is Markedly Decreased Following Pulmonary F. tularensis Challenge”.  Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 1: Article 20, 1-6, 2011.

Li, W., Murthy, A., Chaganty, B.K.R., Guentzel, M.N., Seshu, J., Chambers, J.P., Zhong, G., and Arulandam, B.P.  “Immunization with Dendritic Cells Pulsed ex vivo with Recombinant Chlamydial Protease-Like Activity Factor Induces Protective Immunity Against Genital Chlamydia muridarum Challenge”.   Frontiers in Microbial Immunology 2: Article 73, 1-8, 2011.

Maredia, R., Devineni, N., Lentz P., Dallo, S., Yu, J-J., Guentzel, M.N., Chambers, J.P., Arulanandam, B.P., Haskins, W.E., Weitao, T.  “Vesiculation from Pseudomonas aeruginosa under SOS”.  Scientific World Journal 2012: Article ID 402919, 1-18, 2011.

Rodriguez, A.R., Yu, J.-J., Murthy, A.K., Guentzel, M.N., Klose, K.E., Forsthuber, T.G., Chambers, J.P., Berton, M.T., and Arulanandam, B.P.  “Mast cell Derived Interleukin-4 Mediates Alternative Activation of Macrophages and Modulates Host Interactions with Francisella tularensis”.  In Press, 2011. Infection and Immunity.

Daum, L.T., Worthy, S.A., Chambers, J.P., Kelenis, D., Rodriguez, J., Reeder, D.J., and Fischer, G.W.  “Commercial Viral Transport Medium (VTM) Inhibits Nucleic Acid Testing”.  Currently under review, submitted 2012.

Chetty, S.L., Yu, J., Pammit, M., Arulanandam, B.P., and Chambers, J.P.  “Novel Francisella tularensis Proteases Cleave and Inhibit the Activity of Host Alkaline Phosphatase in a Murine Tularemia Model”.  Currently under review, submitted 2012.

Venagopal, M., Moganty, G.S., Seschu, J., Arulanandam, B.P., Chin, R., and Chambers, J.P.  “Chlorophyll a to Chlorophyll b Conversion Using Homologous Recombination of the Arabidopsis thaliana CAO Gene”.  Currently under review, submitted 2012.

Rodriguez, A.R., Yu, J-J., Guentzel, M.N., Navara, C., Klose, K.E., Chambers, J.P., Berton, M.T., Arulanandam, B.P., “Mast cell toll-like receptor 2 signaling is crucial for effective killing of Francisella tularensis”.  In Press, 2012.

Signarovitz, A.L., Ray, H.J., Yu, J-J., Guentzel, M.N., Chambers, J. P., Klose, K.E., Arulanandam, B.P., “Mucosal immunization with a Francisella tularensis Schu S4 Challenge in the Fischer 344 Rat”.  In Press, 2012.  

Hunter, C., Rodriguez, A., Yu, J-J., Chambers, J.P., Guentzel, M.N., and Arulanandam, B.P. “Comparison of Bone Marrow Derived and Mucosal Mast Cells in Controlling Intramacrophage Francisella tularensis Replication”.  In Press, 2012.

Van Laar, T. A., Lin, Y-H, Miller, C.L., Karna, R., Chambers, J.P., and Seshu, J.  “Effect of Levels of Acetate on the Mevalonate Pathway of Borrelia burgdorferi”.  In Press, 2012.

Ketavarapu, J., Forsthuber, Thomas G., Guentzel, M. Neal, Chambers, J.P., Klose, Karl E., Selby, D.M., Berton, M.T., Arulanandam, Bernard P.  “Mast Cell-Derive IL-4 in Innate Defense Against Pulmonary Francisella tularensis Live Vaccine Strain Infection”. Manuscript in preparation.

Daum, L.T., Rodriguez, J.D., Worthy, S.A., Ismail, N.A., Omar, S.V., Dreyer, A.W., Fourie, P.B., Hoosen, A., Chambers, J.P., and Fischer, G.W.  “Genetic Characterization of Drug Susceptibility Mutations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains Using Next Generation Ion Torrent Sequencing”.  Manuscript submitted, 2012.